How to Make an Ivy

As a collaboration specialist on Ivy Martket, it is your job to make Ivies. Here is how to make sure your final collaborations are edited into powerful Ivies that help the user get an awesome experience.

1.  When you are logged in on Ivy Market and see a batch of Ivies submitted, accept them as soon as possible.

2.  Immediately open the Ivy submission content from the user.  Open the attached video, and begin editing it in Instagram.

3.  Add the text submitted by the user in a way that stands out.

4.  Find the user's top relevant hashtag.  Add this to the Ivy by using the hashtag feature on instagram's story or Reel editor.  For more information on how to do awesome hashtag research,  visit

5.  Find an influencer or content creator in the user's niche, and tag the influencer by using the tagging sticker in the instagram story editor, Reels editor, or Tik Tok editor.

6.  Add additional stickers, background music, and other cool editing features using Instagram story editor, Reels editor, or Tik Tok Editor.   Use your creativity to make the final product pop!

7.  Save the video to your camera role.  Post the video to your stories (only do this if you have an Ivy Market verified collaborator account.  If not, skip this part).  Send the video to ivy market via email: 

6.  Search the top 30 related hashtags.  For more information on how to find a good mix of small and large hashtags, see  Send these 30 hashtags to Ivy Market via email.  Immediately add these 30 hashtags as the first comment of the post (for Ivy Market verified collaborators only).

7.  Optional: Send a 30 to 60 second video to the User, providing any additional helpful advice to help them get the most out of their experience with Ivy Market.  A video helps encourage users to tip for great service.

8.  If you have any additional questions on how to complete an Ivy collab, see, see examples of Ivies on the instagram account @joeismycaptainand watch the How To videos on Joseph Potesta's Youtube Channel.