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If You're A New Startup, Brand, or Creator in 2022, DO THIS!

Creativity and understanding analytics is your best best to market your brand in 2022.

Here you can see how to narrow in on what is working by letting YouTube tell you what content in your #personalbranding or #contentcreationstrategy is getting the fastest #organicreach in the first hour after posting.

By taking just a few minutes to create something new every day AND 1-2 additional minutes to actually review the response from your audience, your insight on how to speak to your audience will improve.

For all you #firsttimefounders, it's these little cumulative steps that are going to make the journey. Keep the ball rolling. I'm challenging you now to start creating at least ONE new piece of video content each and every day.

Much like studying a few minutes every day during your semester, this is going to give you a WAY better chance of reaching long term success in your niche than crash-creating (cramming on the night before the exam ring a bell?).

Even if it's not the BEST content in the beginning, it's the way to get your snowball built.

See you all very soon, and for those of you who want to learn how to HYPE any idea, brand, or yourself, check out my Udemy course on how to do that, here:

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