The 7 Days of Collabs Challenge

How to Hype

In this 7 Day Startup Creator Challenge, you’re going to start your virtual collaboration, branding, and tribe-growth journey off with a bang!

  • You’ll learn how to be most effective with your time in the first 7 days of building real communities to support your mission and will complete the crucial steps most people miss when hyping any idea virtually.

  • You’ll get short, powerful primer video lessons with the no-BS information you need.  Then you'll get an actionable exercise to complete.

  • You’ll practice building your first ten customers, your first ten genuine leaders of your brand's growth (people who share your stuff because they are obsessed about what you are doing - and not because you are urging them to share your links).

  • and you’ll learn practical ways to find, hone, immediately apply charisma tips that will give you the extra level of pinash you might have noticed some of the more popular Hype leaders exhibiting in their content.  

  • This 7 day challenge gives you full-access to Part 1 of the 5-Part Master-course, How to Hype.

  • The 7 day course includes extremely specific recipes of tasks that you will need to complete in the exact time frame prescribed so you can effortlessly find and comfortably lead your people from your unique leadership or personal-branding position among your community and as a newly launched virtual collaborator (with your new professional skills and tools that you will have set up by the completion of these 7 days of challenges).